Friday, February 1, 2008

Stood Up

Take me to where greatness lives
He was supposed to come over and inspire me today
He taunted me instead
That spiteful little politician
He slips around hiding behind other people’s faces
Never my own
He makes certain I know he’s there
He’s busy giving just enough
To remind me I’m not enough
He deals in illusion— allusion
The brochures are free
But he stood me up yet again
I’m pretty sure he’s laughing about it
Or maybe he just decided to nap instead
So, take me to where greatness lives
I want to have a word with him
Maybe more
Then we’ll find out who the real coward is
He has some explaining to do
Wrote this poem yesterday. Thought I would share it here. Was a little frustrated with the way a creative project was going. Anyone else ever feel this way?